Manufacturers around the world are turning to automation to help
solve labor shortages, increase productivity and improve product
quality. Collaborative robots provide a cost-effective, flexible, and
safe automation solution for a wide range of production tasks.

Automation in


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FJD AutoSteering Kit

pioneer autonomous driving system that can be installed on
agri-vehicles to have automatic driving transformation.

Products Offered


Electric Steering Wheel :

be used in anykind of enviroment with max torque 45N.m


GNSS Antenna :

positioning with high accuracy receive data on longitude, latitude and direction.


Control Terminal :

10.1" high brightness screen clearly visible even in direct sunlight


Sensor Modules :

ensure high-precision operation and working stability


ISOBUS Control

It is a compatible application control that allows software, vehicles and implements, regardless of their brand, to “talk” to each other. Real-time status is provided, such as seed storage in equipment, giving you a greater control of inputs for making better investment decisions!

Terrain Compensation

Terrain compensation calculates the difference between the GPS antenna’s location and the actual desired position of the vehicle’s center point on the ground, no matter what slope the vehicle is on.
Autosteering Kit uses an IMU sensor to calculate the actual position of the vehicle to help minimize skips and overlaps in areas with rolling terrain, slopes, and rough ground.

U-turn Auto-driving

Under low speed U-turn auto-driving mode, the operator only needs to step on the brake when reaching a turning point, then the vehicle is able to automatically turn around without any manual operation.

GIS Data Import/Export

Field information can be edited and imported into FJD devices, and the historical operation data from other devices can be imported using the data transfer function.