Mont Aero Sdn Bhd offers complete range of composite industry including Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), Infusion Process,Hand Lay-Up and Vacuum Bagging .All the methods and processes are out of Auto-Clave and at the same time we delivering high-quality products to our customers.


Resin infusion is the process of drawing resin into a dry laminate while a sealed flexible membrane holds it under vacuum against a rigid mould. The most common membrane is a disposable film (vacuum bag) that is sealed against the mould edges with sealant tape.

Because tooling costs are low, resin infusion is especially important when making very large structures. Unlike RTM, the resulting laminate's 'B' surface finish cannot be controlled cosmetically, but excellent laminate properties can be achieved. Because volatile emissions can be significantly reduced, resin infusion is an excellent alternative to large-scale open moulding.

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)

One of the OOA technologies used in the aerospace industry is resin transfer moulding (RTM). RTM capabilities have been researched in order to improve product quality and operation efficiency. A literature review revealed that RTM is capable of producing high-quality components with complex geometric shapes, dimensional accuracy, and good mechanical properties.

RTM typically employs an aluminium closed mould. Hand lay-up on the mould is used in the RTM process. The mould is then closed, heated, and vacuumed to allow the resin to permeate the fibre uniformly. Finally, the resin is injected into the mould and allowed to cure.

Hand Lay-Up

Hand lay-up is an open moulding technique that can produce a wide range of composite products from very small to very large. Although the production volume per mould is low, it is possible to produce large quantities using multiple moulds. Hand lay-up is the most basic composites moulding method, with low tooling costs, simple processing, and a wide range of part sizes.

Changes to the design are simple. There is a minimum equipment investment. Good production rates and consistent quality are achievable with skilled operators.

What We
Produce? - Mold

In most cases, single cavity moulds of fibreglass composites are used. Molds can range in size from small to very large and are relatively inexpensive in the context of composites moulds.


Vacuum Bag

The major composite manufacturing process for making laminated structures is vacuum bag moulding, which is widely used in the aerospace industry. Because it is a labor-intensive procedure with potentially long cycle durations, it has limited application in the automotive industry.

It has mostly been used to make prototype automotive composite parts, but it could be utilised in the future to make huge components like roof panels and floor pans, particularly if a laminated construction is used and the manufacturing volume is low.