Mont Aero Sdn Bhd now being the official distributor of individual and professional 3D printers in Malaysia.
We have been engaged in advance solutions in the field of additive manufacturing technologies.
All the printers that we supply come with the safety and ease of use of office equipment with the professional quality of industrial 3D printers.

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3D printing technologies enable the use of printers in all areas of science, education, medical, manufacturing, architecture and design.


3D printing technologies in mechanical engineering allow the fabrication of parts of practically any shape and geometric complexity without the use of extra machinery, tools, or equipment.


In the world of medical, 3D printing technology opens up new possibilities. 3D printing is now employed in dentistry, prosthetics, implants, veterinary medicine, and preoperative planning, among other fields.


The use of 3D printing in architecture can drastically cut modelling expenses and accelerate the creation of architectural models.


Without concrete examples, it is impossible to envisage a high-quality education. 3D modelling and printing allow future engineers and designers to explore their potential for creative development.


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Desktop Printers

Desktop 3D printers eliminate the need for rapid prototyping by allowing you to build one-piece and small-scale objects out of engineering and design plastics. Design and technical offices, educational institutions, and engineering departments all benefit from the general qualities.

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Professional Printers

Professional 3D printers answer the issue of rapid prototyping by allowing you to print one-piece products as well as small and medium-sized engineering and design plastics products.

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