Info & Specification

Talkabout T265

The Talkabout T265 provides features and accessories designed specifically for hunters. Just press the push-to-talk button to easily connect to your fellow hunters and campers in the forest, around the campground and even by the lake. Bring the RealTree™ carry case with you and fully enjoy your wilderness adventure with hands-free communication and emergency features. With a range of up to 25 miles and the freedom to communicate wirelessly, the T265 won't slow you down. The range in real-life conditions can be reduced from maximum range.

Physical Characteristics

▶Dimensions (inches): 6.38 H X 1.25 W X 2.13 L

Performance Characteristics

▶Range: up to 25 miles
▶Easy Pairing (yes/no): True
▶# of Channels: 22 channels + 121 privacy codes
▶NOAA Weather Channel and Alerts: False
▶Flashlight: False
▶iVOX/VOX Hands-free: True
▶Talkabout App Enabled: False
▶VibraCall™: False
▶Floats: False
▶Micro-USB Charging: True
▶Dual Power: True
▶Emergency Alerts: False
▶Battery Life (alkaline): up to 29 hours
▶Battery Life (rechargable NiMH): True