Info & Specification

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Class B AIS Transponder receives navigation data from AIS-equipped vessels nearby that can be utilized to aid in safe navigation. Also, the FA-50 transmits own ship’s information to the vessels around, which also aids in collision avoidance* For Recreational Boats, Fishing Vessels, Workboats


▶Fully satisfies the technical standards for Class-B AIS, IEC 62287-1
▶Receives both Class-A and Class-B AIS information
▶Enhances safe navigation by exchanging critical navigation information from AIS-equipped vessels nearby
▶Greatly improves the level of the situational awareness even in fog, darkness or congested waterways
▶Outputs data to NavNet TZtouch2, TZtouch, 3D through Ethernet
▶Flexible integration with various AIS compatible radar and chart plotters


TX/RX Frequency 156.025 MHz to 162.025 MHz Output Power
Channel Spacing 25 kHz
Power Supply 12-24 VDC, 2.0-1.0 A
Size 90 (H) x 255 (W) x 219 (D)
Weight 1.7 kg